Euan Dykes

Storing SW Files on a Mac OS 10.5

Discussion created by Euan Dykes on Aug 28, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2008 by Christopher Mueller
We are running 4 licenses of SW 2008 on 4 Mac Pros running Windows XP SP3 on bootcamp.

However, our shared SW files are stored on a Mac Pro running Mac OS 10.5 server. So to get technical the files are written to the server hard disk in UNIX format and the Mac OS has software that tricks the Windows XP clients to thinking the files are actually in NTFS format.

This has never been a reliable setup; as we often get read and write errors. But lately we've been loosing up to 2 days work as the server seems to be restoring an older file, with no explanation.

We are going to trial a NAS formatted to NTFS to store our files (please comment if this has know to be a problem).

But has any one out there had these problems and found a solution? As we've spent a lot of money and time on our hardware and it should work.

Other solutions include: Running Windows XP on the server under boot camp. (but then we loose all the benefits of the UNIX based server)

Regards, Euan.