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SW2008 - memory issue

Question asked by Michael Brainard on Aug 28, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2009 by David Paulson
I'm not exactly sure how to describe this problem..I'll give it a shot.

SW 2008 X64 SP 4.0
Windows XP Professional x64 V2003 SP 2
Dell Precision T7400
Intel Xeon
E5430 @ 2.66ghz
8gb ram
NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600

Assume a fresh reboot of the computer.

Also, while doing this, I have the Task Manager open, watching the memory and page file usage.

Start a large assembly - use quick view/selective open and choose only one or two assm withing this large assembly. The file opens fine. Then I might open another assemlby or two within the large assembly. Watching the page file and memory I notice more memory is being consumed and more "stuff" is being written to the page file. Open a couple more files within the top level and I see the same thing. Normal, I think. So I start closing or supressing these assemblies.....memory usage decreases as does the size of the page file. Normal again, I think.


I continue opening files and assemblies within this large top level assembly....and I hit a breaking point. At this "point" EVERYTHING gets dumped to the disk. Memory usage of SW may be 3,000,000k - 4,000,000k...and will dump to almost nothing. Available memory, which was quite low ( around 1Gb ) will jump to file becomes HUGE and the hard drive grinds and thrashes non stop....but at this point the computer has come to a complete halt. If I wait it out, SW will once again respond....maybe after 10-15 minutes of drive grinding. SW memory usage will then begin to build back up to it's original amount.

But at this point, every action bounces off the hard drive.

Closing SW or SW files to reduce memory usage doesn't help. The physical memory seems to no longer be available even after restarting SW. I MUST reboot the machine. Even selecting FILE -OPEN results in the machine locking at this point.

This issues seems to have just started a few days ago. Yes, this file is large and cumbersom but there were no memory issues such as this previously. No significant changes or additions have been made.

Any opinions?