Jason Ebersole

Calling all Adept users!

Discussion created by Jason Ebersole on Aug 28, 2008
The company I work for is still in the evaluation stages of selecting a PDM system. With great help from a forum member, I got to see the workflow possibilities within PDMWE. I see PDMWE as a great workflow development platform, with the ability to create highly customized workflow processes.

Our focus is on an Engineering Change process. We will need a very flexible workflow engine to create the level of detail we desire in an EC process. PDMWE can do it. I have seen it work, and got some hands-on experience working with the PDMWE workflow engine via an inhouse evaluation.

I already have contacts at Adept, and will be working out the details of getting an inhouse evaluation next week.

***Adept users, tell me about what you have done with workflow. Did you provide Synergis with your process and they did the setup, or is the Adept workflow engine user-friendly enough for a non-programmer to find his way around?

***For those familiar with both Adept & PDMWE, how does the flexibility of the workflow engines compare?