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    asking to save

      I was working in the SW/PDMWE vault and when closing SW with no active viewports,

      SW is asking me if I want to save some files.(see attached)
      If I say yes (I only did once) the parts/drawings you load are empty.
      This go around there was 3 files asking to be saved.

      Does anyone know why?


      (SW2008 sp3.1)

        • asking to save
          Troy Peterson
          Is your part read only? If so, you can turn off this message, go to Options -> System Options -> External References -> check the second check box "don't prompt to save read only...."
            • asking to save
              no these files are not read only, it is not consistant and I have
              had other users with the same problem. These are files that I have opened/saved then closed.


              I do have that switch turned on, but I am going to have to double check to
              see if the files in question are read only or not.