Config. Grid Setup Error

Discussion created by Guest on Apr 13, 2006
I am using SW 2006 with SP3.4.

I am adding my first items to the toolbox. I created a simple cup washer and it works fine.

Now I have created about a dozen shoulder bolts. Each type is driven by an external linked Excel design table. The parts behave correctly so I added them to the toolbox with the Add My Part wizard. I placed these in a new folder under the ANSI/Bolts.... called Shoulder Screws.

In learning how to add parts, I have added and then deleted parts to this new folder a few times already. Now that I have added what I think are the final version of the parts, I get an error upon insertion into an assembly and I don't understand what it means.

As a test assembly, I created a simple plate with some threaded holes from the hole wizard. I added this plate to an assembly and then started dragging my new shoulder screws from the toolbox. All of my parts are giving the same error. When I drag, I can see the transparent part. The MateReference kicks in and places the part correctly. Once I let go of the mouse button and the part begins to build I get the following error box:

Toolbox - Configuration Grid Setup Error
Database Configuration Table: UserLib_Cfg_00009377
Grid Row: 999
Error: The database field "0.375-16" does not exist in data source table "UserLib_Data"

The quoted "0.375-16" is recognizable as part of the configuration name used in the design tables. I tried to match the fastener naming convention of the stock toolbox fasteners. For instance, in my Hex Shoulder Screw table one of the config names is HHSScrew 0.5 x 1.3125 [0.375-16] for Hex Head Shoulder Screw, 1/2" dia shoulder, 1-5/16" long shoulder, with 3/8"-16 threads. Is there a character or syntax conflict with my name? Are the square brackets wreaking havok inside the database?

Any suggestions for fixing are greatly appreciated.

FYI - my toolbox files are located on a network drive. There are no problems with stock toolbox items - well, except for the occasional crash or software hang others have reported here.