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    Linked Text Property

    Justin Peak
      I am trying to link a custom property on my border and I am having some trouble.

      The two linked text I want are "Created By" and "Created Date"

      For some reason SW doesn't seem to have the "Created By" in the drop down menu and I would rather not have to make a custom property because then each person would always have to put this information in each time they create a model. The same information you get when you look a parts feature properties. I see that there is a "Last Saved By" but not a "Created By"

      My other problem is how "Created Date" is formatted. I understand that it uses Windows for this formatting but I would like to have just X/X/XX and not the time, day, etc....

      I have read through numerous threads but I still can't seem to figure out if this is possible without having to make a custom property and input this information every time.

      Any help would be appreciated