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Please give us the option to minimize the Display States section of the Property Manager

Question asked by Andy Sanders on Aug 25, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2008 by Andy Sanders
I've complained before in the forums about the SW2008 "bug" in which the display states section of the feature manager will ride up and basically take over the feature manager in assemblies. I don't use Display states at all, and even if I did, this is still annoying.

I tile my windows several times a day (which triggers it) so, this happens to me constantly. Many of my co-workers complain about it too.

I realize that many use Display States and like them. I don't. I'm not asking to eliminate the display states property manager, just give me the option to permanently minimize them, much like we do with dimension options, etc.

See the screenshots. I think this would be a perfect tradeoff for those who use them vs. those who do not.