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Plastic Flow Analysis

Question asked by Paul McGarr on Aug 25, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2009 by Aaron Larson
When this forum first opened up I had asked about what you guys were using for flow analysis. I was wondering what choices there were out there other than Moldflow. The thread was erased, but the discussion was just begining, so no major loss.

I'm bringing this up again because Matt mentioned the possibility of a free version of Simpoe. Well, it's true, there is a free version called e-Simpoe. e-Simpoe is not integrated into SolidWorks. You need to register and you will have access to the it. It's still in beta, but even after beta it is to remain free. Registration is a manual process on their end, so you'll end up waiting a couple days.

Register with this link...

Thanks Matt for starting me in the right direction.