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SolidWorks Drawings ER Blitz - Review Phase

Question asked by Dwight Livingston on Aug 25, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2008 by Jeff Norfolk
SolidWorks Drawings ER Blitz - Review Phase

1.1. [deleted]
1.2. Create feature to embed gtol.sym custom symbols in drawing files.
1.3. Provide user control of gtol.sym file location under Tools - Options.
2 TABLE FORMAT - for all table types
2.1. Provide adjusted row height as lines in a cell are added or subtracted by word-wrap, such that the cell with the most lines has the default (or specified) vertical cell padding.
2.2. Create option in table properties for user-specified vertical cell padding.
2.3. Create feature to disable vertical cell padding and specify a constant row height, regardless of lines per cell, to be applied either row-by-row or for entire table.
2.4. Create option in table properties for user specified defaults for vertical and horizontal cell padding.
2.5. Create option in column properties for user to lock Column Width. When table is saved as a template, this option would not be available.
2.6. Create option in row properties for user to lock Row Height. When table is saved as a template, this option would not be available.
2.7. Create capability to split a table for continuation to left or right.
2.8. Create capability to split a table for continuation on another sheet.
3 TABLE FUNCTION - for all table types
3.1. Change SW tables to have basic spreadsheet functions, without MS Excel.
3.2. In SW tables, provide ability to advance the cell focus using the tab key.
4.1. Provide a view scale property for annotation links.
4.2. Provide an "SW-Length" property that must be assigned in the model by selection of a single curve (line, arc, circle, spline, or Compcurve.)
4.3 Create a SW property that will automatically fill in with the BOM Item#
4.4 Change the Balloon Setting / Style = "None" so that when inserted into a note, the item number aligns correctly with the rest of the note text.
5.1. Create option to add a new centermark to an existing centermark group.
5.2. Create option to drag a lone centermark, or a centermark in a centermark group, and attach it to a new hole while retaining witness line attachments.
6 [deleted]
7 GD&T
7.1. When a datum symbol is attached to an arc or circle of sufficient radius, conform base of attachment triangle to that arc or circle.
7.2. Allow a datum symbol to be attached to the long leg of a leader line.
7.3. [deleted]
8.1. Create feature for view naming when in drawing mode.
8.2. Create a view rotation option that locks a one user-specified axis.
8.3. When the configuration of a view's object is changed, then change the configuration in all dependent views.
8.4. Add ability to change "Sheet Scale" from a Drawing View Property Manager.
8.5. Provide option in view properties window to add view title and/or view scale to view.
9.1. Provide hole callouts for holes in non-planar surfaces.
10.1. Create option to locate symbol at the center of the hole
10.2. Create option to show user-specified text for tag.
10.3. Create option to show dual dimensions for location and size in hole table.
11.1. Create option to control PDF and export print quality.
12.1. Provide consistent line height in notes with embedded balloons and symbols.
12.2. Create option to balloon the outline numbers in outlined notes.
12.3. Create convenient tool to convert lower case to all caps.
13.1 Create option in autodimension to place dimensions outside the nearest edge, rather than all on one side and rather than all at top or bottom.
13.2 Create option in dimension properties to align dimension direction with an edge.
13.3 Provide document option to display chamfer dimensions in a single call-out using a one-leader DIM X DIM or DIM X ANGLE format. For example <------------ .25 X 45o.
13.4 Provide capability to drag radius dimension of a toroid or a toroidal segment to either side of view.
13.5 Show gap between extension line and feature edge when dimension is dragged to opposite end of edge.
13.6 Add mulitjog option for radius, diameter, and hole call-outs.
14.1 Create capacity to divide an item quantity among balloons in more than one view.
14.2 Create option in item balloon properties to edit quantity from 0 up to the total number of instances of that item unclaimed in other views. Where the quantity is zero, show item number in parenthesis without quantity or balloon. For example: <-------(ITEM 3)
14.3 Provide icon for item in assembly drawing to show that all instances are accounted for in balloon quantites.
14.4 Provide the ability to balloon sub assemblies that are inserted after the BOM is created using the Top assembly. ie 3.9 from BOM in a seperate sub assembly.
15.1. Provide option to set origin for DXF export.

Changes from last

4.4 added. This will allow the user to have a note that will read something like "REMOVE PAPER LINER FROM ITEM 3 BEFORE INSTALLATION." and have the
item number update if the BOM is edited an the component's item number is changes.

section 6 DIMENSION FORMAT was deleted and the one item moved to 13.6