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Replication Problem

Discussion created by Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M on Aug 22, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2008 by Mike Adam
We have been having a scheduled replication, For some reason i do not understand what's causing this problem.<br /><br />But On-Demand replication works absolutely fine...<br /><br />I have had performed all the troubleshooting techniques which are provided in the replication guide.<br /><br />When i look at archive server log..<br /><br />8/18/2008     6:21:13 PM     ArchiveServerService     Error     Replication      0     N/A     PDMSERVER     Failed to replicate file from server!<br />Source server:<br />Vault: MILWAUKEE<br />File ID: 0x00002591 <Normal file><br />Version: 1<br />Unique version: 0x00003A18<br />Error: (null)<br />Description: The latest version of the file is not available on your local archive server. All attempts to download the file from remote servers failed.<br /><br /><br />8/18/2008     6:21:13 PM     ArchiveServerService     Error     Replication      0     N/A     PDMSERVER     "An error occurred when trying to replicate a file.<br />File ID     0x2591 (type 0)<br />Priority     Low<br />State     1<br />Requested ver     1<br /><br />"<br />Response on this is highly appreciated