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64 bit, design tables, and Excel 2003

Question asked by Michael Crist on Aug 21, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2008 by Tim Ordway
Is anyone else having persistent problems with design tables in 64 bit Solidworks on XP 64 bit? I am getting a couple of different errors, and the only way to get back to work is to close Solidworks completely, then reopen. This works temporarily.
Our company upgraded to 64 bit machines, 64 bit XP, and 64 bit Solidworks. I have Office 2003 installed, but when I look at a list of OLE objects, none of the Office types appear (for instance, in Insert, Object; the dropdown list does not include Excel spreadsheet, Word doc, etc...). Could this broken support for 32 bit Office OLE objects in XP 64 bit be causing my design table problems?