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    Sending 3D Files

    Jessica Bidwell
      I need to send drawings to customers. Instead of making drawings is it possible to send a 3D version of my pieces? How do I do this, and what do i have to download?

      Thank You
        • Sending 3D Files
          Scott Samborn
          You will need to make an edrawing. Open the part file in eDrawings and save it in the format that works best for your customer. You can save it as .zip, but the customer has to download the eDrawings viewer (free); or you can save it as .exe, but some email servers will stip these attachments from being delivered - which you can sometimes circumvent by renaming the file .ex_ and then having the customer in turn name it back to .exe (which can be a pain if the customer is not very computer savvy and doesn't know how to show file extensions in the Windows folder options).

          Here is a thread on this topic as well:

            • Sending 3D Files
              Mark Kaiser
              If you want to send 3D data, you need to know what file type your customer can open (iges, step, parasolid, solidworks, etc.) Read up in the help files on converting part files.

              As another option, if they just need a pretty 3D object to look at, you can save your part file as a 3D pdf, assuming you are using SW 2008.