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Equations Don't Update Properly

Question asked by John Willett on Jul 24, 2016

In SW 2016 SW3 under Windows 7 (as well as 2015 and perhaps 2014) I find that equations are seldom (never?) updated when part names are changed.


I frequently use equations with external references, both at the part level to pick up dimensions from one part for use in another part in the same assembly, and at the assembly level for similar reasons.  When I start a new generation of an existing design, I use the following procedure in an effort to eliminate all linkages to earlier versions of the same parts and assemblies:

     A) First Pack-and-Go the entire upper-level assembly to a new directory.

     B) Then close SW and use SW Explorer to rename all of the files in the new directory, asking it to update linkages only to those files in this new directory.

     C) Back in SW open the newly renamed assembly in the new directory and begin modifications.

After this procedure I usually have several equations in the new version that show errors or warnings and have to be corrected.  These same equations were just fine in the previous version.


Either there's a bug (or missing feature?) in SW that causes this failure to update equations correctly, or something in my procedure outlined above is causing my problems.  If this procedure is wrong, can somebody please point me to the correct procedure for starting a new generation of a design without breaking references in earlier versions? -- John Willett