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How to simulate plastic displacement with applying the same pressure over and over agagin

Question asked by Andreas Lunzer on Jul 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by Andreas Lunzer

I am trying to simulate how much the displacement of a part would result after applying the same pressure over and over again. I tried to use a non-linear static simulation and changing the pressure over time so simulate the changing conditions.

As a result I get the plastic displacement after the first cycle, but there seems to be no more plastic deformation. I am using a natural resin with a known stress-strain-curve for simulation and also tried it with the PE provided in the SolidWorks Database - so I know plastic deformation should occur, according to the occurring stress.


Right now I am using a simplified model, for testing - it is basically a dice with a square hole in it.


In summary I am looking for the displacement after several cycles. I want to start with the conditions from the 2nd cycle after the 1st one finished. I tried a fatigue study too, but I cannot get an displacement as a result, furthermore I am interested in about 100 repetitions and not like 10000, so I guess the fatigue study is not what I am looking for.


I tried solving this problem on my own for quite a bit, so any help, suggestions, input and ideas are very welcomed and appreciated.


P.S.: I attached the diagrams and a picture from the model for clarification


P.P.S.: I applied pressure on the insides of the hole and fixed the model on the backside and partially on the sides (see in attachement)