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    Dimension lines & colors

    Matt White
      I looked around for a while and cant find my exact problem for what I am sure I am responsible for!! That being said, problem #1. My dim. lines like to switch color on me? I have tried using a default black in the line format tool but it keeps changing to grey? 2. I dont know what the colors represent. Today while I was editing a part some dim. lines turned green, some grey and some stayed black. I havent selected any layers so I pretty much dont know what I'm doing!!! What do the reverted colors mean? and why cant I keep a black default?
        • Dimension lines & colors
          Scott Samborn
          Default dimension colors (when you haven't created layers) are:
          -black for dimensions which have been imported from the model (sketches and features).
          -Grey for reference dimensions (basically any you add manually)
          -Sort of a Gold/Green for dangling dimensions (if you made a change to the model that the dimension couldn't follow - ex. if you change a counterbore hole to a tapped hole the dimension will not know what knew face intersection to attach to). You can reattach dangling dimensions, but often it is easier to just delete them and reinsert them.

          If you want to change the dimension colors you can adjust the color properties in Tools/Options


          Turn on the Layers toolbar and setup a layer for dimensions to go on. I have setup all of the drawing templates to have a black dimension layer that is active, so that all dimensions are black from the start.

          Hope this helps