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API Creating File Reference

Question asked by Matthew Lee on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by Matthew Lee

Okay I know this seems simple but I have not been able to figure it out. I have read all the fourms and sample codes and have still not made any headway towards a solution. Basically what I have is a code that will read in a variable value from a card (this value has a list of documents [":C\Test\A.sldprt" ":C\Test\B.docx" ":C\Test\C.pdf"]). The code then decomposes the string into a new string, that is the same length as the number of files, and each segment has the file path. I then want to attach the each of those files as a reference to the current parent file. Any ideas????


Imports EdmLib





Module Module1



    Sub Main()

        'Creates vault, folder, and file objects

        Dim vault As IEdmVault15

        Dim filename As IEdmFile11

        Dim file As IEdmFile11

        Dim fileID As Integer

        Dim fold As IEdmFolder8

        Dim enumvar As IEdmEnumeratorVariable9

        Dim COAffectedParts As String

        vault = New EdmVault5



        'logs into the vault "Test"

        vault.LoginAuto("Test", 0)



        'sets file equal to the object with the path typed in and sets folder to the parent folder object of the file

        filename = vault.GetFileFromPath("C:\Test\Test\RelayMount.sldprt", fold)



        Dim _COAffectedParts As String

        fileID = filename.ID





        enumvar = filename.GetEnumeratorVariable

        If enumvar.GetVar("CO Affected Parts", "@", _COAffectedParts) Then

            COAffectedParts = _COAffectedParts.ToString

        End If



        Dim COAffectedParts1 As String = Replace(COAffectedParts, """", "")

        Dim COAffectedParts2() As String = Split(COAffectedParts1)







    End Sub



End Module