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Changing the orientation of the sketch coordinates -->> Potential Macro creation

Question asked by Greg Barnhouse on Jul 21, 2016


Referencing a recent blog post released by Solidworks, titled "Changing the orientation of the sketch coordinates", I have been searching for this feature for a long time, and just never thought it was possible. This is something that is long overdue for SW, and one of the key problems I faced using this software compared to an Catia/NX environment. Now it appears possible, but is very tedious to perform the workflow, iteratively creating geometry/dimensions and having to delete it before reorienting the sketch using the "modify sketch" command. Is there an easy backdoor to make this command user friendly, or perhaps a macro that will automate it to be more useful? I am looking at the existing "move sketch entities" as a good example of how the procedure should run.


As an extension of this question: There are several ways to "transform" objects [solids, surfaces, and reference geometry] in other CAD packages. Is there a way to emulate this in SW? The "move/copy body" command has too many limitations, and is clunky to operate. I am looking for a precise method, that can move all types of objects, from a reference plane to a freeform surface. I presume setting up two coordinate systems for the initial and final orientations would be the best working method . It goes without saying this is a much needed feature enhancement.


Caveats: I am an extreme API novice. Please speak specifically when referencing API methods, and objects.


Any suggestions to this problem are much appreciated.