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Drafting standards not being applied

Question asked by Justin Lee on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by Justin Lee

All of a sudden my drafting standards are not being applied.  At one point I had everything setup and working perfectly for more than a year. Sketch lines and dimensions got their custom colors applied, and landed on the proper layer.  Creating new files, everything was setup perfectly.. Now, with no warning or explanation, every line I draw is Orange.  Every dimension or annotation i place is orange, etc, etc.


Even if I manually load a saved drafting standard, everything is still orange, entity colors do not update and new entities are still created orange.. I simply do not understand this nonsense.


I tried toggling this button: color.jpg, and doing so removes all colors and makes all entities the default blue... not what I'm looking for. 


New entities should land on the DIM layer, which exists and has the correct color applied.  I can manually move entities to the DIM layer, but their color remains Orange.


I can manually change the color of individual entities with the color picker, but the underlying standards and default colors i have been using now seem lost!


I sometimes have multiple sketch entity colors in my drawings, but typically the standards have been applied correctly and i'll over-rule those on a per-entity basis.


Need to get this fixed and stop wasting time!


Ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.