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PDM 2016 issue in persistent disk VMware View pool

Question asked by Ryan McCauley on Jul 21, 2016

We recently upgraded our enterprise from Solidworks 2014 to 2016.  We have PDM running on about 350 virtual machine using VMware View. 

Everything appears to be working fine in the VM pools where the the user profile data is stored on C:\.  However, we do have some pools where the user profile data is stored on a persistent disk (D:\) and not on C:\.  In these pools users are having the same problem with eDrawings and another program we run that pulls data from PDM Vault.  eDrawings will either not open at all or crash when loading anything.  Our in house program crashes soon as it try to load a part from the PDM vault.  If logged in as a local admin everything works fine.  The local admin account is always on the C:\ which leads me to believe it has something to do with PDM possibly not finding the user profile when it's on a persistent disk (D:\)


Have you seen anything like this before or have any thoughts on how I can troubleshoot this or drill down on the problem?  Any help would be muy apreciado.


Sorry if this doesn't make much sense.  I'm brand new to this role and have been tasked with trying to troubleshoot this.