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    Trouble upgrading Solidworks API in VB.Net

    Edwin Thompson

      I have been working on a project with an older version of the API.  It is now time to upgrade to the never version but when I designate the new path, VS tells me <The system cannot find the reference specified>


      I have tried a number of things but Visual studio just does not want update to a newer version. 


      One thing that I did was to copy the newer version of the API file over the top of the old file.  VS recognized the path but then produced a number of errors, stating "Name 'swconst' is not declared.'  (as an example). 


      in the Module1.vb  >> Imports SolidWorks.Interop.swconst (Doesn't seem to have any effect)


      Now I'm getting these errors and don't have a clue how why?



      Any and all suggestions are very appreciated.

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          Edwin Thompson

          I found the problem.  Even after looking at a fair amount of literature it was not clear that the Path needs to be set:

          I apologize for the small picture but under My Project/References/Reference Paths.../ <Select the correct path>

          Was also discovered that VS2008 and below, the newest Framework that can be used is 3.5.

          Solidworks also provides dll's for two sets of Framework:

          For newer than Framework 3.5 use the dll's under the appropriate \api\redist\<dll's>

          For Framework 3.5 and older use the \api\<dll's>