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Save each sheet on a multi-sheet drawing as own drawing?

Question asked by Patrick Colliflower on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by Peter Brinkhuis

Hey guys,


I've looked high and low, over the internet and through the boards, to no avail. I'm looking for a macro that will split a multi sheet drawing into separate drawing files, each sheet having it's own.


The name of the drawing, once processed, should be the name of the tab followed by the custom property "revision". If somebody has the macro that just saves drawings as the sheet names, that'll do. Bonus points if we can add the property to the name.


The save-to file path should be in the same directory as the "parent" drawing.






Extra bonus points if we can have a custom file pathing option. Here's what I have in mind:


An option which you could select to either point to the same directory as the "parent" drawing, OR if there's a folder in the "parent" directory that matches the new drawing's file name, then it would be directed there.


A lot to ask, but I have high hopes and dreams.


Deepak Gupta?