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    Learning the keyboard shortcuts

    Carmen Brown

      It would be nice if I could enable "keyboard shortcut learning mode"

      When performing a command in this mode, the keyboard shortcut I could have taken would be displayed in a little box.




      If it made a summary of all commands taken.

      Then show list of commands I took and the shortcut I could have used.

      This would mean that I don't have to learn "all those commands". I only focus on the ones I actually use.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello Carmen,


          Forgive me if you already know this, but you can right-click at the top of your monitor (beside the CommandManager) and choose "Customize..." from the drop-down.  That will bring up the dialog box shown below.  Select the Keyboard tab, then click at the top of the "Shortcut(s)" column (you may need to click twice) to show all the shortcuts.  Those will be the defaults, but you can change them to whatever you want.


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              Carmen Brown

              Yes. Thanks. My thought is to facilitate learning the list.

              kludging my way through, a hint would pop up.


              After seeing that hint about 10 to 20 times, I would likely think "Next time I'll hit CTRL X".

              After 30 times, I would remember to type CTRL X

              After 50 times, I wouldn't use the mouse at all.


              Learning by using. No memorization required.


              So, it's a software change or a 3rd party add-on. Neither of which I could implement on my own.


              For commands with no shortcut, that would be displayed also, suggesting that one could be added.

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              Tony Cantrell

              RMB in the grey area of the command manager and select customize, then select the "Keyboard" tab,  under the heading "Show" select the down arrow and select Commands with keyboard Shortcuts. Press the "Print List" tab.