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Unable to complete multiple direction extrusion

Question asked by Dave Bear on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by Dave Bear

Here it is, Dave's question of the day!

I'm following a tutorial on building a V12 engine (a tutorial with loads of missing info) and once again I find myself stuck.

For some reason, I cannot complete the multi-directional extrusion as explained in step 9. Now the tutorial was done on a SW2012 edition and I'm using SW2016 but I don't think the procedure would change between those editions. Below is a short excerpt from the tutorial showing the few steps leading upto step 9 and I have also attached my model. Step 6 and 7 are complete and step 8 I think might be part of the problem (I don't know) Please tell me where I am going wrong this time?


1.    Step 6

open a
sketch under the body and draw this sketch


1.    Step 7

it up to top plane


1.    Step 8

open a sketch on the right plane. use convert entities



1.    Step 9

the last sketch in two directions. direction 1 is up to body and direction 2up
to purple surface


All very clear as mud!