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Different Drawing Dimension Styles

Question asked by Jacob Steinmetz on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Bill Weltman

Just out of curiosity- if I have a drawing, and am dimensioning all just basic lengths/holes, is there a way to make some of the dimensions as decimals and others as fractions? Sometimes it seems easier for guys on the floor if I say 1.25" instead of 1 1/4", but also 11/16" instead of .6875".


I've always just gone Tools > Options > Doc Properties > Units > Fractions/Decimals, but haven't seen a way to change it outside of that... On the left Dimension pop-up, I tried switching the Tolerance/Precision to be (for example) .1234 instead of .12 (Document), but that did not work.. Also overriding value did not work either.


Thanks for any help!