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Section view not showing up? Please help

Question asked by Jordan Rundell on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by Jordan Rundell

Hey guys,


Recently I have had a wierd issue with one of my solidworks drawings.  I finished the drawing one day, and then the next day when I come back to it, NO view is showing.  Not even regular projected views.  Turned out I had to right click and show all of the views.  Now why they hid themselves in the first place is an annomoly, but at least I had a solution.  Now I have an issue I have not found a resolution to.  My section views are not showing up and I cannot figure out why.  I have tried to click show, rebuild document, everything.  I even tried to move the cutting line ever so slightly just to force a rebuild, and that did nothing.  Nothing is hidden in the assembly file itself either.  Does anyone know why my section views are not showing up?  Thanks.