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Sheet metal tables not found??

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Jul 20, 2016

We moved to out first server recently (Thank you Lord!!!)... anyway I moved our data over to a share drive on the server. I am an Admin to the server so it shouldn't be any permission issues. However when I try to use the SM tables from the server I get this message:

I have never see this before and I stumped our VAR on this question. I checked the path in SW for Bend and Gauge tables and the path is set correctly.

I checked to make sure the files are there:


SW cannot find them at all. We tried copying the old Default SW tables over and then it can see those files on the server only, not the ones listed above. To workaround the issue I have to browse to my local drive and then its fine. So the files are full functional gauge tables, they just are not seen between SW and the server. So far everything else seems to be working from the server.. anyone else seen anything else like this? Running SW 2015 SP5.