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Extract mass or volume properties from multi body part

Question asked by Anders Klem on Jul 20, 2016

Hi All


Within SolidWorks I have done a crude mock up of a kinetic sculpture, that uses 4 rods and 4 counter weights. The whole thing is heavily equation driven.


Both the rods and the counter weights will now have to be designed individually in separate part files with 4 configurations in each, and I would like to use values taken from the mock up to drive the configurations, and having them update, if I change something ind mock up.    


So, can I somehow extract SolidWorks' own calculated mass or volume from a specific body for the counter weights and driven reference dimensions for the rods?


Ideally I'd end up with one category of values called "rod lengths" and one called "counter weight masses". Each with four values that would linked to the mock up file and then be imported into a design table to drive the configurations of the rod's part file and the counter weights part file.


Any help will be appreciated


Cheers - Anders