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    Naming Scheme upon View Creation?

    Patrick Colliflower

      When creating views in the drawing environment, they are automatically named "Drawing View 1", "Drawing View 2", etc.

      Is there a way to change the way the names are propagated?


      I'm looking for my views to be named "A", "B", etc. I'm aware that one can rename views manually, but I'd like to adjust the naming scheme.

      If not possible, maybe a prompt to name the view upon creation?

        • Re: Naming Scheme upon View Creation?
          John Pesaturo

          I don't know if what your asking is possible as I have never seen anything that allows you to set what the actual view name is created by.


          However, in a past life we used to do something that could be considered a "work-around". There may be much better ways of accomplishing this as it's been quite some time but hopefully someone with more drawing template experience will chime in.


          In the past we had created custom drawing templates (*.drwdot) with predefined view locations and names. (Front/Side/Back/Iso/Etc.) When the drawing template is picked upon creation of a new drawing all of the locations are blanked out but you can right click in one of them and populate them with the "Insert Model" selection. Worked fine for all views except the Iso which inexplicably aligned itself in either a vertical or horizontal position. (Correct view, just aligned oddly)