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Help repairing corrupted files

Question asked by H. L. on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by Blas Pérez

This morning when I tried to open two of my parts on SolidWorks, I got an error message saying that "an error was encountered while trying to open your file. Contact Technical Support for a possible solution." An error was encountered.PNGSolidWorks threw this error for only two of the part files (out of 14) that I have been working on recently. I last saved these files on Friday afternoon, and the save appeared to be successful and everything operated normally. I can't think of anything that I did in between Friday afternoon and today that would have affected these parts—I didn't use this computer in between now and then. These parts are missing their thumbnails in Explorer as well. Many of the online resources that I looked at suggested that it might be due to saving the files in a different version, but I've been working with SW2016-2017 the whole time.


I tried rebooting the computer and restarting SolidWorks as well as copying the files to a different location, but I still got the same error message. eDrawings couldn't open the files either, and I sent them to two different colleagues running SW2016-2017, and both of them got the same error that I did. There weren't any backup files saved in my automatic backups folder either. The weirdest thing about this is that it only affected two of my files—I can open and edit the other ones without a problem.


Does anyone have any ideas for how I can repair these corrupted files, or does anyone have the capability to help me with repairing them? I've attached the files for reference.


Thanks in advance!