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Question asked by Ervin Podic on Jul 20, 2016
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Hello there guys,


Well for the start i want to say that i am total and whole greenhorn when it comes to the API's and VB (something small is left in head during high school).
Well i got a job where employer uses SW2010 and he gave me task to check whether is possible to create macros for the following things:



Macro 1: if it is possible with a macro to get the actual orientation of a part

Macro 2: it is possible with a macro to set the orientation of a part


What he wants to achieve is to turn part or assembly and afterwards to push a button and the part should turn to the most near predefined orientation.

Well i know i maybe ask a little bit too much, but it is my first job and i would like to keep it because i am in no option of changing it (considering marriage).


Thank you in advance people.