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BOM equation w/ IF function

Question asked by David Rengel on Aug 20, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2008 by David Rengel
I have an assembly with several virtual components that I'm using in place of wires (I don't have the routing add-on). In each of these components I have set the BOM quantity to read from a custom property "QTY" that is defined as a number, which I'm planning on using to define the length of wire I'm using. My normal parts will not have the BOM quantity custom property and appear correctly in the drawing. My virtual parts show up in the QTY. column as 1. My goal is to have one column that has the correct quantity for my normal parts and also the quantity I define for the virtual part. I have created a new column in my BOM on my drawing that I would like to use for the listed BOM quantity for both normal and virtual components.

When I try to define the column with the equation =IF(`QTY`<>"",`QTY`,'QTY.') where `QTY` is the custom property and 'QTY.' is the column property frm the BOM, each cell only shows the equation and not the resulting value. If I do a simple multiplication equation the result is correct. I've also noticed that the column type is changed to a custom property instead of an equation. Is this a bug, or can I not use the IF function in a column equation? Does anyone have a better suggestion on how to approach this problem? Thanks.