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BOM Part Number Linked to Filename

Question asked by Steve McKenna on Aug 20, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2008 by Scott Samborn

Just started at a new company and was dismayed to find that the BOM property field is actually linked to the filename of the part file being detailed. Having just made a pile of piping spools using weldment configurations I was dismayed to discover this. My previous method of developing piping was to build a single part describing a complete run of piping. Once a piping run was finished it was divided it up into spools using multiple configuration states with unique part numbers described within the configuration specific part numbers.

With the file name linked directly to the BOM, this is not an option without manually editing my drawing files BOM templates (which I really don't want to do).

The simple fix would be to add a part number field that links to the BOM and by default is linked to the filename. This way things would transparently continue to operate for the rest of the users in the design group, but it would allow configuration specific part numbers to be generated. I should explain as well that part number = drawing number in the case of our design group.

I have explained this, however it fell upon deaf ears by far and large. I am looking for amunition on other cases where a filename linked directly to a BOM is a bad idea

Any input would be appreciated, and or information on how I can work around this. The one solution would be to break out my piping spools into seperate files, however this would ruin the relationship between the assembly of spools and leave me editing each part independently rather than being able to drive the whole design from on part.

Thanks for your time.