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Design Table / Equation Update Question

Question asked by Alan Stoldt on Aug 20, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2008 by Alan Stoldt
SW2008 SP4 Windows XP

We have an Assembly that uses design Tables/Configurations and Equations to create a Tube Frame and Safety Door with a few inputs from the Designer.

(see image below for a simple version).

After developing this module and getting it to function correctly, we have just begun to use it Real Time. It works well and give us the conformity of design we were looking for.

The Sub-Assembly as shown is Pack and Go 'ed to the directory of the new design. A six digit prefix is changed to match the company's Work Order Number. (i.e. xxxxxx_Machine becomes WO1234_Machine...)

The only issue I've encounter is more of a nuisance than anything. When we initially open the Main Assembly to work on it, a window comes up (2nd image below)...

The equations of this assembly refer to assembly: xxxxxx_Machine.
Would you like to reset them to refer to assembly: WO1234_Machine?


We choose YES and continue working without issues until SolidWorks has been restarted and the assembly opened again.

I originally thought this would be a one time thing, but it continues.

Is there a way of doing things so this condition doesn't happen for future modules or perhaps a simple fix so it only needs to be done once?

Is this perhaps something along the lines of the "YES TO ALL" option?

Thank you in advance,