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    Catia V5 data

    Bernhard Speiser

      despite i have asked him to send me step or iges files one of my customers keeps sending me Catia V5 ( 3D model) files. Is there a way to read these files using SW 2008 or to convert these files into somthing SW can read ?
      Thanks for your help.

      Best regards

      Bernhard Speiser
        • Catia V5 data
          Paul St-Jean
          Hi Bernhard,
          I've had the same situation with some of my customers.
          Having done the research, it looks like you have 2 simple options, and then some more in-depth study is required.
          Option 1: FormatWorks
          FormatWorks is a 3rd party add-on that you could buy that will do these conversions for you. This is the expensive option, my resellers priced it for my functionality in the 10-15K$ ballpark. Apprently this will give you access to all of the part features with their full definition, so this would be the way to go if you need that level of resolution.

          Option 2: Adobe acrobat 9 professional
          I know what you're thinking. Adobe is for PDF right? Well, it turns out that adobe 9 professional has some nice data exchange features, and can be used to turn catia models into .stp files, which you can then import into SW. It's actually very simple, and I've had a good amount of success with this on some of my own projects. Adobe 9 also has some really nice features for customer communication as well, so it's a good value. It sells for under 1K, check the adobe website for more details, and make sure you talk to your SW reseller, as they can probably get you a better deal.