Aaron Westgard

SW'08 crashes Explorer when using thumbnail views

Discussion created by Aaron Westgard on Aug 20, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2008 by Joe Rochinski
Hi all,

We have been having persistent problems with SW'09 crashing on us.

For hardware, we've tried four existing machines and one brand-new Dell. Three machines are gold-class compatible; we know the hardware is more than adequate.

For OS/software, the new machine had SW'09 installed straight out of the box, without any other applications. It also crashes. So it's not a conflict with other software, unless Dell ships something that's problematic.

While trying to narrow down the problem, we found that one machine was perfect while the others had problems. Turns out that our primary CAD user usually keeps Explorer open in "Thumbnail" viewing mode next to SW, while the secondary user did not. When we tried thumbnail view on the 'good' machine, it too would crash.

- if we use Windows Explorer in thumbnail view mode next to SW, Explorer will crash.
- if we do not use thumbnail view mode, things are fine.
- if we select "Do not cache thumbnails" in Explorer, the problem is improved (a bit).

I've looked everywhere I can think of and I have not found anyone reporting this problem. Are we the only ones? Can anyone else replicate this problem?

Edit: I originally said SW 2009 - we're actually using 2008 (typo).