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Libraries Setup Across Firewall

Question asked by Michael Hess on Aug 20, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2008 by Michael Hess
Hello Forum:

I am trying to do an initial setup of libraries for PDMWW where the Vault Server is sitting outside a firewall. I created folders inside a "SolidWorks Data" folder on the Server and established references in Vault Admin. I've placed (via Win Explorer) four test components into one of those libraries.

The libraries show up in the Vault in SolidWorks under "Library Components", but they're empty. Anything I need to do to make the test components visible?

Or perhaps a better question - how do I populate libraries once they're set up? Do I do this inside Vault (via check-in, or via check-in to project, then "change project"), or outside via SWExplorer (or Windows Explorer like I just did)? I configured VaultAdmin to permit "check in" of library parts. I was expecting the libraries to show up as a selectable "Project", but they don't.

Eventually users won't have access to the Vault Server directly, so should the libraries exist inside the network so they can be populated with "OS file moves"? How would PDMWW talk back through the firewall to the "inside the network" location?

I know about the 20,000 - 30,000 - 40,000 ports to talk from inside the network through the firewall but that's about the extent of my IT understanding (I don't control that part of the setup).

Can you provide any thoughts as to how best to setup, populate and run libraries in a setup like this?

Thank You Very Much,

much confused ...