Announcing the PhotoView 360 Rendering Contest

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Announcing the PhotoView Rendering Contest.


We are looking for images to be posted on our upcoming PhotoView 360 Gallery. We would like to include images from our users. To gather images we will be hosting a brief PhotoView Rendering Contest here on the PhotoView discussion forum.

Contest Rules:
1. Post an image to this discussion thread by Friday September 5, 2008.

2. Rendered images should generally be at least 640 x 480 and in no case larger than 2k by 2k in *.bmp format.
2.a.Keep in mind that the images you submit may be scaled down or even cropped.

3. Images must be created using PhotoView 360 only.

4. All "kinds" of images are welcome.....Architectural renderings, product shots, product packaging, engineering visualizations, graphic design, medical imagery, game development, broadcast or film are but a few of the possibilities.

5. It is perfectly OK and even encouraged for you to stamp your image with things like your name, product(s) used or a logo of your company. We cannot guarantee that images that we crop will retain these labels in all cases (though we will try to respect it of course).

6. Winners will be announced via this discussion thread during the week of September 8, 2008.


If we select your image not only will you be rewarded with the fame and recognition of having your image posted to our gallery we will send you an item from our catalog of SolidWorks promotional items (including backpacks, mugs, shirts, manuals, etc...).

Legal Stuff:

By uploading an image you grant to SolidWorks and its agents the perpetual and irrevocable right to use the image or part of the image in connection with the PhotoView 360 Gallery. You represent and warrant that the image is your original creation, that you are the sole copyright owner of such image and have the sole right and authority to grant this permission. SolidWorks may use the image without requirement of further consent by you, payment to you , or being in violation of the rights of, any third party. SolidWorks retains the right to delete images or filenames that are deemed offensive. We are not responsible for data loss and encourage you to maintain your own copy of all images submitted.