Rob Rodríguez

North Eastern SolidWorks User Conference

Discussion created by Rob Rodríguez on Aug 19, 2008
Northeast SolidWorks User Groups have teamed up to bring you what is shaping up to be the largest SolidWorks event in the Northeast. The NorthEastern SolidWorks User Conference will be a one day event, Thursday September, 18th at the Westford Regency in Westford, MA.

The event organizers have packed all the SolidWorks information possible into this event. The day begins at 7:00am with breakfast, opening remarks at 8:00 and the first tecnical sessions kick off at 8:30. Yes, I said sessions. Each 90 minute time slot (there are 4 of them) gives the attendee a choice of 3 different technical sessions to choose from. Want to learn more about SolidWorks Explorer & file management? How about better ways to manage your large assemblies? Maybe the SolidWorks API is your thing? Need help with SolidWorks Routing? Does SolidWorks ToolBox have you scratching your head. Want to become a better CAD manager? These are just a handful of the 12 sessions being offered throughout the day. Sign up here.

If your still reading my blog then you're still wondering if you should attend? OK, maybe this will help make up your mind. Most SolidWorks user events give you the opportunity to attend technical sessions to learn more about the software. This event is unique because you'll also have the opportunity to talk with the people who write the software. There will also be 4 developer sessions where attendees will be able to sit and talk with SolidWorks developers about topics ranging from drawings to performance. Maybe your large multi-sheet drawings are loading slow? Maybe you'd like to show decals in a non shaded drawing view? Tired of getting a new cup of coffee every time you need to rebuild your model? Want to share a great enhancement request or maybe just find out why something works the way it does? This event will allow you to take your questions and ideas directly to the source. Sign up here.

Still reading this post? Still not convinced this is an event you need to attend. Maybe you're only interested in 1 technical session and 1 developer session. What will you fill the rest of the day with? There will be plenty of SolidWorks partner products and hardware on hand to browse. Interested in 3D printing? Maybe 3D Scanning? Looking for a job? Like to learn about made to order engineering? Maybe you need more Software training? Perhaps a new sheet metal vendor is what you're after. You'll find all this and more in the product area. Sign up here.

Still reading along which means I Still haven't convinced you to be there. What if I told you you'll receive everything above plus lunch and the chance for some really nice prizes all for only $45. Sign up here.

Still haven't signed up? OK, I can give you one last piece of information. The meeting will conclude with a one hour bonus session. I can't tell you what the bonus session will be but I can tell you that I'm giving it. It's so secret it's not even listed on the agenda. Sign up here.

If you're a SolidWorks user in the Northeast you really should sign up for this event. Where else can you be exposed to all this SolidWorks information, have direct exposure to SolidWorks development, browse SolidWorks partner products, network with other SolidWorks users, have a chance at winning some great prizes and meet me?

I'll see you on September 18th Sign up here.