Kinematic hardening vs Isotropic Hardening

Discussion created by 19411 on Aug 19, 2008
I am simulating plastic deformation with the plasticity von Mises Model. I am using 17-4 PH900 Stainless Steel with the following properties.

Modulus of Elasticity, 197e3 MPa
Poisson's Ratio, .272
Density, 7800Kg/m^3
UTS, 1448MPa
.2% YS, 1379MPa

I want to estimate a elastoplastic model to explore the RESIDUAL DEFORMATION. The model is similar to a beam but with a slightly varying cross section. The load is applied and then released.

I need to estimate what Cosmos calls RK which defines the proportion of kinematic and isotropic hardening. What is the difference between isotropic hardening and kinematic hardening? How does each effect the model? Cosmos's help file is over my head.