Rectangular form tool question

Discussion created by 1-CYP3W6 on Aug 18, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2008 by Matt Lombard
I have been trying to used the rectangular form tool, and running into some problems.

It is the standard form tool that comes in the design library when SolidWorks is installed. It should do what I want.

When I go to edit the dimensions of the form tool (double clicking on the feature). One of the linear dimensions is shown in black. The other is in blue. I can only edit the dimension in blue. When I edit the the dimension with black text, it updates the other dimension.

There are no equations governing the two dimensions.

This began when I was updating an existing part. When I place a new form tool on the part I run into the same problem.

Any suggestions. I have removed external references from this part.

I am unclear as to the difference between the black and dimensions on form tools in general. On other form tools I am able to edit both the dimensions. I don't know what the differences are.