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Question asked by Kevin Ramanjooloo on Aug 18, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2008 by Kevin Ramanjooloo
I have been working a bit now with DTs and I like it. Now I'm looking to Automate a design depending on the specs needed by the engineers. I'm building a tank. It can have several nozzles for input or output. My problem arises here. I made a form in excel to drive the assembly to the specs desired, but i need in this sheet to specify:
- How many nozzles
- Their size ( I dont know how to drive configurations from a DT, for the flanges)
- Each Nozzle's Height and orientation.
I know its a lot but once i get out of this bug, I'll have a fully automated assembly.
This will work to reduce production time. I haven't worked with APIs yet but i bet that could help in this situation...

--- Probably another newbie question, but does anyone know a way to export a 3D solid to AutoCAD?