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    Vault modified column

    Thomas Hall
      Is there a column or a way to show what files have been modified in the Vault?
        • Vault modified column
          Jeff Sweeney
          ? Can you be more specific? What files have been modified...ever? ...in the past few weeks?

          If they are in the vault, every file has been modified at least once.
          • Vault modified column
            Heather Nelson
            No there is no column that does this in 2008. I've put in an enhancement request for it several months ago. The only thing an end user will see on their vault view is an icon on the version tab showing their file is out of date after the other user checked in the modified file. You can also see this in the pdm task pane window in solidworks. There will be a red bar across the version value indicating it's out of date. One thing to be careful about when looking at that though, is a sub assembly can be at the latest ver indicating that it's all good but components below it can be out of date. The only way you'll know that is if you expand the sub assy to show the piece parts.

            Forgot to mention the pdm task pane window will also show who has the files within the assembly checked out.