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Populating the Vault

Question asked by Tim R on Aug 14, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2008 by John Burrill
Since I seem to be the PDM Administrator by default: I have a few questions before I go ahead and the start the process. We have a folder on one of our network drives/servers named "vault" where our most recent Soldworks files are located. As I currently understand it.. The Server portion needs to be installed on that server and a location for the vault chosen. Can I choose as location for the vault the current folder named that or will that give me problems? Would it be better to create a new folder for the PDM vault location and check all our current most recent files into it? Also, is a network drive the best place for the vault or would my workstation be a better choice? There are only a couple more engineers here.

Projects.. How do you recommend setting up projects? Right now what we call the vault folder has folders aranged by part number 10-, 11-, and so on. We could also name projects after our major product lines?