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    Dimension Names and Tables

    Aaron Larson
      I have a design table which has (3) varying dimensions which produce (3) configurations. These dimensions are named in the model with an identifying description (A, B, C). How can I:

      1) Get the drawing to display the ONLY the name of ONLY those (3) dimensions

      2) Associatively link my design table info to a general table (inserting DT's right into the drawing does not look good)

      I've noticed that I can click on a dim and it will show up in the table - but how can I use this approach if I have multiple configs?? For instance, I've detailed my default model and can insert the default value for Dim 'A' into the table. How can I insert the value of Dim 'A' for Config 1 into my table?

      -Aaron Larson
        • Dimension Names and Tables
          Dwight Livingston
          I recommend you work with the Design Table and get it to do what you want. I think you'll find it easier in the end.

          We print PDFs and use those for drawings. The mess that shows on the border of the Design Table goes away when printed, so the table looks as good as any other SW table (here I'll bit back any other comment.)

          You can hide any columns or rows you don't want to show in the drawing. All the same format tools, like borders and font, are available for Design Tables. The routine for sizing or cropping the table is a bit strange, but it works.

          We put in an extra row at the top of the Design Table and type in headers manually. So three columns might have the headers DIM A, DIM B, DIM C. These we type into the dimensions manually. The SW dimension names are in the table, but they are hidden so they don't show in the drawing.

          I hope this solutiion works for you. I do not know of any way to get dimension names to show in dimensions, nor how to get them to link into a general table.

          • Dimension Names and Tables
            I have read your original post a couple of times to try to figure out what you are asking, but here is how I interpret it.<br /><br />You are assigning different values to a dimension over different configurations.  You need to explicitly use the respective configuration name in a detailed drawing dimension (ie text).<br /><br />I would recommend you assign a global variable in your original design table using the "$PRP" ($PRP@YOUR VARIABLE NAME), just like you would a dimension.  You then use normal excel functions to populate each cell under this variable for each configuration to what you want.  <br /><br />Then you can insert this $PRP variable into a note (not a dimension though).  It would be nice to be able to use variables like this in dims, but it is a limitation of SW.  I then would create your dim in your drawing, but replace <DIM> with a space to keep the leaders, but hide all text.  Then overlay your note with the variable and then "Group" the 2 together so they move with each other.
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              Trevor Altman

              I have a very similar problem...


              i have a part file (91001) with 10 different configurations (91001-01, 91001-02, 91001-03, 91001-04, 91001-05...etc).


              I want the drawing to be tabulated as well, with a table showing the different part numbers, the variable dimension and the description.


              I cant use the design table because there are multiple sheets for the drawing file.


              I was able to call the configuration specific dimension using the code " D1@EXTRUDE1@@91001-01@91001.SLDPRT"


              i am unable to all the description, and part number, which are configuration specific properties.


              Does anyone know how to call configurations specific properties in  a Note,  but have it reference a configuration which is not in any drawing view in the file??



              This would be a really big help to me.


              - Trevor

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                Trevor Altman

                suppose the name of your config is "Default"


                your part file is called"Part1.sldprt"


                and you want dimension which is named "d1@sketch1"



                type into the cell in the general table





                and it will return a numerical value which updates  whenever the part is updated.



                change the names to suit urself, but keep the '@@' and '@' in the right places.


                any problems just ask


                please give me my points.





                - Trevor