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Dimension Names and Tables

Question asked by Aaron Larson on Aug 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2010 by Trevor Altman
I have a design table which has (3) varying dimensions which produce (3) configurations. These dimensions are named in the model with an identifying description (A, B, C). How can I:

1) Get the drawing to display the ONLY the name of ONLY those (3) dimensions

2) Associatively link my design table info to a general table (inserting DT's right into the drawing does not look good)

I've noticed that I can click on a dim and it will show up in the table - but how can I use this approach if I have multiple configs?? For instance, I've detailed my default model and can insert the default value for Dim 'A' into the table. How can I insert the value of Dim 'A' for Config 1 into my table?

-Aaron Larson