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New Review from Tom's Hardware

Question asked by Pete Yodis on Aug 14, 2008
Latest reply on May 26, 2010 by Emilio Graff
Thought folks might find this interesting. A new review from Tom's Hardware on Workstation Graphics cards. They have benchmarked SolidWorks 2007 on these cards (as well SW-01). The results are interesting. Basically, with SolidWorks on this benchmark it makes no sense to get anything more expensive than the Quadro 570. I'm sure it depends somewhat on the data model and this benchmark might not be using a dataset big enough to show the difference in performance over more expensize quadros. When you look at other CAD apps and their benchmarks, it appears that SolidWorks 2007 hits a wall with graphics hardware at a point - at least with the dataset they used (SPECapc 2007 and ViewPerf 10.0) and other CAD apps make more use of increasingly powerful graphics cards. I become less impressed with graphics cards and "Workstation drivers" and CAD software that seemingly holds us back and forces us to pay more for what? Comments???,1995.html