Luke Malpass

Bug in Component2::IsHidden

Discussion created by Luke Malpass on Aug 14, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by Clayton Krause
OK there is a big bug in the IsHidden function.

Calling AssemblyDoc::GetComponents and looping through all components of an assembly and calling IsHidden(true or false) on each component returns invalid data.

Say you have an assembly with sub-assemblies within them and you hide a sub-assembly and all of its components, the IsHidden will return false (visible) for all components within that sub-assembly, and true (Hidden) for the sub-assembly itself.

If you take that one step further and have a sub-assembly inside a sub-assembly and the top-level sub-assembly is hidden, only that sub-assembly reports hidden, all over components including the sub-assembly within it report as visible!

Can anyone else check and confirm this behavious please.