Clive Dorling

Piping Route not constructing correctly

Discussion created by Clive Dorling on Aug 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2011 by Daniel Dumas
I have noticed a problem when cnstructing pipe runs, I say sometimes because this does not happen every time and it it quite baffling.

I will start a pipe run by right clicking on a flange connectin point and selecting start run" I will draw a 3D sketch which is fully defined and the route can be seen forming along the sketch as it is drawn, putting in all of the bends, etc. Upon exit of the sketch and saving the route you can see that the pipe run has been constructed from extrudes and revolves.

In other circumstances when creating the route in what seems like exactly the same way the route will be formed from straight runs of pipe and 90 deg elbows as seperate items within the route.

I have no idea why. Could anyone offer any suggestions please?