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    The "Enter" key

    Daniel Rosales
      Hello again,

      I know this has been discussed before, but has anyone figured out how to assign the "Enter" key to accept changes instead of a feed return/advance to the next line? For example, when you click on a dimension and make changes, instead of having to click the "green check mark to accept, you would just hit the "Enter" key.
        • The "Enter
          Ricky Gutierrez
          I dont think i fully understand the question because in the example you describe it seems to work just like that for me. I draw a use smart dim, im propmted for the value i enter it and hit enter. then i double clicked the dim changed it and hit enter again...I guess i just dont understand the question.
          • The "Enter
            Wayne Tiffany
            Not an answer that you are asking for, but might help you anyway. You don't have to click the check mark a lot of the time - just go on to the next thing. As a general rule I don't click checkmarks except where I have found that I have no choice, and that isn't very often.