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    DriveWorksExpress Drawing name rule not working as expected

    Chris Oxford

      according to the help file, if I use the rule:



      ="*" & DrawingNumber & "-000"


      where DrawingNumber is a number input by user in the form,


      I should get a drawing saved as DrawingNumber-000


      I'm not. I still get the source file name, with the above appended. IE:


      [base file name]DrawingNumber-000


      I've tried every permutation I can think of, nothing works right. ="" & DrawingNumber & "-000" also fails.


      Screenshots of actual settings attached. You can see that the model is named correctly, but the drawing still has the source model name. Not sure where I can drive the naming of the drawing itself?

      Input Form:


      DWX Rules:






      Bad drawing name (should be 225999-000):


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          Deepak Gupta

          Can you make a sample project and upload along with files to check? Also what is your SW/DWX version?

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            Wojciech Paterski

            It actually works as it is supposed to... Xpress version doesn't rename whole drawing file name, it just adds to end name to the file - this is because of Xpress version.


            I'm almost sure of it on 99% haven't used it for a while now.

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                Chris Oxford

                OK, I think you're right. Not sure the value, to be honest. In setting up the drawing and models to be robust enough to use the variables in DWX, it's just as easy to save-as, adjust, and go. Heck, I have to save-as to get the drawing number right anyway.


                I can almost just set the base drawing to "225" and enter the rest in DWX, but there will be more than one type of part on this prefix, so I'll need several different "225" base drawings, all different. I guess I could keep them in different folders, but with the history of how SW handles default save folders (very poorly and random), I'm not comfortable setting them all up, just to have the work stepped on later by accident.


                I fail to see the value in DWX. We'd need 7 seats, plus a floating license, so 8 x $3600, just so we don't have to save-as a drawing, and for some incremental advances in form layout and spreadsheet connecting? I can dump data into custom properties, and call it all anyway from DWX rules. But for now, I think I'll just set global variables, drive them in a sketch of dummy construction lines, and train everyone how to edit.


                That's all I need, not worth $30,000 for some rudimentary, poorly designed interface. Not putting your best foot forward on the sales pitch, honestly. But what else is new, par for the course with SW.


                See screenshot below. This interface design is F quality work. Which radio box do I have selected,  Yes or No? Answer below.












                (this is actually the Yes button, even though it's right next to the No. Extra credit if you can figure out why, it took me about 15 times confirming I'd selected it correctly before I figured out what the hell was going on).


                And that's just one example. The set up screens are so difficult to figure out what you're editing, it's not worth the effort.