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PDMWE Defined - Cost, Etc.

Question asked by John Scott on Aug 12, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2008 by James Constable
PDMWorks costs and resource commitment has been difficult for me to define. Most of the correspondence with my VAR is shrouded in sales they know what they are talking about? Are they just trying to force a sale? Every answer or presentation is canned; will it work for us? Here is the information I have mined so far, please confirm and help me continue to define...

1) Viewer: 5 Seats $2995, annual $1243.75
2) Contributor: 1 Seat $1295, annual $493.75
3) For SolidWorks (Full User): 1 Seat $1795, annual $618.75

4) Implementation: $1600/day and typically takes 6-8 days.
5) eDrawing Pro: 1 Seat $495

6) Vault Server: $5000?

PDMWE Viewer - Search, view and print only.
PDMWE Contributor - Creating and checking in/out non-CAD documents.
PDMWE Full User - Allows full access by SolidWorks user.
Implementation - Setting up PDMWE to fit your business. Our VAR uses a third party.
eDrawing Pro - Supposedly required for all non-SW Pro & Prem. users to participate in CAD data.

1) Can an AutoCAD only user check-in their drawings and have full access to PDMWE?
2) Do you really have to buy eDrawings Pro? If a viewer wants to mark-up a drawing or take measurements will the free download version work?
3) What about contributor; they can't touch CAD data? Have to purchase eDrawing Pro too?
4) How long does it take to be up and running? VAR says two weeks. I have heard anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Total resources, let's say for a group of 10 full users, could be around $35,750 and 9 months?